About Us

Superlife Infusions Beverages is a family-owned Superfood brand founded by David Penfold in 2022.
We are committed to  sourcing and blending the highest quality superfood teas, with a special focus on nutritional ingredients.

We’d love you to join us on our journey in the nutritional tea beverage industry!

David's Story

I’m David, founder of Superlife Infusions and I’d like to share my story of how I stumbled upon one of the most nutrient dense plants on the planet.

My first experience with the Moringa Oleifera plant was during a trip to Grenada to visit my mother’s family, aged nine. After a few days of holiday, I began to develop a severe heat rash which quickly spread all over my body.

My great aunt gathered my cousins together and sent them into the hills of Grenada to pick some Moringa leaves. The leaves were boiled until a green paste was formed. I was not amused and begrudgingly agreed to try anything at this time to help soothe my irritable skin, but little did I know the best was yet to come….

She then began to apply the Moringa paste to my skin until I was covered head to toe. I had become the Grenadian Hulk (a skinny one)!

I was told to my horror that the Moringa paste would need to fully dry and this would take several hours and the only way for this to happen was for me to stand fully naked within a private section of the beach. A few hours later and feeling totally humiliated by my friends and family, the paste had finally dried. My young mind was now a little excited about what would happen next.

I am real-life proof that the power of the Moringa plant really does work!

My Mother and her aunt began to slowly peel off the paste which had become a green hardened peel, to reveal to my amazement, clear glowing skin with no rash. I was speechless!

Nearly thirty years later I was to call upon the benefits of Moringa again, and I really began to understand the true benefits of this miraculous plant. Unfortunately, I started to have digestive problems which rapidly became a chronic issue. My doctors were struggling to solve my health problems, and I required practical day to day assistance nutritionally and naturally. I reached out to my family in Grenada and with their help they recommended Moringa, but this time to drink it! I sourced the original Moringa plant leaves through them, but eventually I knew I needed to support my own need for Moringa.

I felt the beneficial effects incorporating Moringa tea into my life, but also really did not enjoy the taste. So that’s why I created Superlife Infusions. By introducing the most exotic and sumptuous infusions containing natural fruit or veg pieces combined with the Moringa Oleifera plant I developed our great tasting Organic Moringa Superfood Mocktail Tea.

I really would urge everyone to try our teas and discover the fantastic effect they can have on your health, nutrition, and life!

The mission of the Superlife Infusion brand is to improve the nutritional livelihoods to all those that come into contact with our products and to embrace a new generation of bold nutritional visionaries!

Our Mission and values

Our Vision – is to revolutionise the Superfood beverage industry – we truly believe that “Every Sip Matters”.


Our Principles – we always want our consumers to benefit by being at the forefront of our decision making. We want to inspire our customers to live well and to lead the most nutritious lives possible through our products.


Equal Treatment – our company has peace of mind knowing that our suppliers source ethical ingredients, with all involved in this process being treated fairly.


Environment – We source organic Moringa Oleifera through our suppliers. Every Moringa plantation established helps to feed local farmers and their families and helps to eradicate poisonous toxins in the air such as CO2 which is absorbed by the Moringa trees. Our Moringa is also organic and chemical free.


Recycling and Climate Change – we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment through helping to plant Moringa trees and using recycled packaging wherever possible.