A Merry Christmas Dinner with an Organic Superfood Mocktail Tea

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy an organic superfood mocktail tea with whatever you’re eating, whether that’s a light breakfast, cold lunch, or a traditional Christmas dinner? Sounds good? You bet!

All you want for Christmas – in one sip!

Superlife Infusion mocktails are increasingly making an appearance at the dinner table, both in the home and in discerning restaurants, where they are rapidly becoming a culinary mainstay – and you know what? Your favourite mouth-watering mocktail flavours can be successfully paired with all your classic festive dishes, including smoked salmon, roast turkey with all the trimmings, and Christmas pudding … oops! and not forgetting mince pies!

Yes, it’s true! The latest line of organic Moringa super-teas contain all the essential ingredients and flavours to accompany your favourite Christmassy recipes and, besides that, this healthy beverage hydrates and aids digestion at the same time! While the practice of pairing tea with elaborate meals, especially festive ones, is still relatively new to many of us, in Asia selected tea infusions have for centuries been served alongside main courses.

In fact, our superfood Moringa tea infusions are even acquiring popularity as an ingredient in desserts and cakes, as they offer such a wide range of aromas and flavours. Who knew that tea could have so many different uses?

Enhance the enjoyment of your food with our super-teas Christmas Menu:


To accompany smoked salmon, we recommend a refreshing blend of lime leaves and mint, mixed with real lemon and lime pieces. 

The citrus adds a refreshing contrast to the rich taste of the salmon. Organic Moringa Lime and Mint Mojito Superfood Mocktail Tea with its zesty notes and hint of sweetness would be a perfect match for this tasty hors d’oeuvre.

The main course

Raw or roasted garlic, fresh herbs, tangy citrus zest, and even spicy honey are great ways to add flavour to roast turkey, but you can take things to another level by pairing it with a luxurious ‘fine dining’ tea experience. Expect a sweet, fruity and smoky wine taste complemented by celery seed oil and Moringa with our Luxurious Mulled Wine & Moringa Superfood Mocktail Tea, an exceptional choice to raise the subtle flavours of the meat. This infusion would also go nicely with honey-baked ham.


Juicy blueberries and maple syrup with hints of caramel and vanilla are a great choice for complementing your yummy Christmas pudding, with its sweet fruity flavours, spices and perhaps a dash of brandy. That’s why our Organic Mullein Blueberry Maple Syrup Superfood Mocktail Tea will be certain to enhance the enjoyment of your festive dessert, all in one sip.

Last but not least, don’t forget the all-important mince pies this Christmas! Superlife Infusion’s Gingermint & Tonic, with fresh bursts of natural ginger and mint plus splashes of lemon, liquorice and sweet cinnamon, will harmonise with the buttery pastry and its sweet mincemeat and brandy filling – a combination to melt in your mouth! 

Have some fun

As you can see, pairing superfood mocktail teas with food is fun and an adventure in flavours (and don’t forget that all tea choices can be served hot, or cold over ice). Why don’t you try some combinations and let us know your favourite pairings? We’d love to hear your ideas.

Bon Appetit!

To discover our full range of organic superfood mocktail teas visit: https://superlifeinfusions.com/shop/

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