Sweetening The Pot – Why Earl Grey Is The New Superfood For 2023

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Thought to have been named after Charles Grey (also known as the second Earl grey) who served as British Prime Minister between 1830 and 1834, Earl Grey tea has been an English institution since the 17th century. In fact, this special blend notes of citrus and bergamot has the royal seal of approval as it’s said that the late Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed the tea with a splash of milk – but no sugar. Superlife Infusions is celebrating this special brew in 2023 with its new Moringa Earl Grey Rose Mocktail tea mix.

Why drink Earl Grey?

It might be argued that if it’s good enough for the Windsor’s, it’s good enough for the rest of us – but there are some other, more compelling reasons to add Earl Grey to your shopping list and we’ll look at some of these in this section:


Bergamot and citrus notes come together to create a refreshing and superior taste loved by discerning tea drinkers. Bergamot is a citrus fruit which is used to flavour a number of food and drinks products including Earl Grey tea and this clever fruit is also used to create medicines. Interestingly, in the ‘olden days’ bergamot was introduced to disguise the flavour of inferior teas; however, this is not the case with Earl Grey which is the Rolls Royce of teas.

Health benefits

We’re not saying that her fondness for Earl Grey was the sole reason that the late Queen lived to the grand age of 96 – but it certainly can’t have hurt. This classic tea blend has some, great health benefits including:

⦁ Energy boosting properties.
⦁ Brain boosting properties.
⦁ Heart Health properties
⦁ Weight Loss
⦁ Anxiety reduction
⦁ Reduction of stroke risk
⦁ Antioxidant boost
⦁ Teenager health

These are all extremely compelling reasons for giving Earl Grey a try at a time when many of us are focusing on natural ways of improving our health and increasing our energy levels.

What about caffeine?

Earl grey tea contains around 50mg of caffeine per cup – which is a little less than the average cup of coffee, making it a slightly healthier option. For those looking to manage their caffeine consumption, decaffeinated versions of Earl Grey are available – and these are perfect for an afternoon pick me up.

It’s important to remember that, while excessive consumption of caffeine can have a negative impact on your health, in moderation it can have some great benefits including helping to prevent chronic illnesses including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers.

A time and a place

For many, tea is associated with breakfast time and, while Earl Grey is an excellent way to start your morning, it shouldn’t only be confined to the breakfast table. In this section, we’re taking a close up of Earl Grey’s versatility:

Afternoon tea

Once considered old fashioned or only for the aristocracy, afternoon tea has been enjoying something of a renaissance in recent years. Across the UK, friends and family are embracing the oh-so-civilised ritual of this delicious tradition of a pot of tea accompanied by sandwiches, scones and cakes. Earl Grey lends itself perfectly to an afternoon tea – adding a touch of class to the occasion; even if it’s just in your own home.

Girls night

Since the mid-2000s, alcohol consumption in the UK has been on the decline (despite the blip caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns) – particularly among young people. Because of this, many Brits are looking for alternatives to that beer or glass of wine when getting together with friends; with lots of people choosing alcohol-free beers, spirits and cocktails. Superlife’s new Moringa Earl Grey Rose Mocktail tea mix adds a classy touch to an alcohol-free occasion with the added bonus of an energy boost and lots of lovely antioxidants.

On time and on trend

Superlife Infusions’ new Earl Grey Rose Mocktail tea mix is the perfect combination of Early Grey’s superfood properties and great taste – making it bang on trend with today’s tea-based cocktails. The mocktail expertly blends the taste and properties of Earl Grey with the incredible health benefits of Moringa Oleifera – a native Indian tree which can help to protect and improve liver function, prevent edema and foodborne infections, and give a beauty boost to our skin and hair. At this time of year, many people suffer from histamine allergies – which can make for a pretty miserable summer but, guess what? Moringa can even help to alleviate the symptoms; allowing you to get on with your day – not bad for a tasty mocktail we think!
Good taste taken to the next level

The Earl Grey Rose Mocktail tea mix is coming soon to a website near you but, in the meantime, the range has plenty of great flavours to choose from including Tutti Frutti, Turmeric Golden Glow for internal skin cleansing, and the luxurious Mulled Wine blend that makes you feel like your being a little naughty but without the added alcohol…

For those looking to improve their diet – and their health – in 2023, switching to healthier drinks is a great place to start.

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