Appetite-inducing Hair Shades Inspired By Your Favourite Beverages

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This winter, are you ready to rock a new bold hair colour and taste the exciting range of Mocktail Beverages on offer from Superlife Infusions? Food-themed hair colours are more popular than ever, coming in a wide range of vibrant hues and tones that will definitely whet your appetite. From spicy mulled wine to the yummy combination of chocolate and strawberry, the hottest hair colour trends are a little less serious and much more fun.

Coordinating the colour of your hair with your favourite flavours may sound completely bizarre but hey, just like trying new tea infusions, experimenting with hair colours that suit your tastes, style and personality will put a whole new spin on embracing this chilliest season. What’s more, it’s easier for you and hair professionals to choose a funky colour variation when names for hair colours or textures are linked to foods and beverages. Cool, don’t you think?

So guess what? Yeah, that’s right. It just so happens that this year’s stunning hair shades are as super-delicious as Superlife Infusions Organic Mocktail Beverages. Their mouth-watering range of superpowered teas, where extraordinary fruit flavours meet the wholesome nutrients of Moringa, are influencing this year’s appealing and appetising hair colour trends. Check it out:

Mulled Wine hair inspired by Superlife Infusion’s ‘Luxury Mulled Wine & Moringa’

The winter season is all about this classic shade, from winter clothing and accessories to cosmetics and fabulous hair tones. The rich deep tones of red/maroon and cinnamon, with burgundy undertones, reflect the fruity, tart sweet and smoky wine flavour notes found in Superlife’s infusion of mulled wine and Moringa. These eye-catching plum or berry hair shades are as pretty as the mulled wine mocktail is delicious.

Mulled wine (the hair colour) was very popular in the 90s and has long been a favourite of celebrities such as Traci Braxton and Sharon Osbourne. It’s youthful as well as dynamic and, like the combination of orange slices, cloves and other warming spices in the actual organic superfood mocktail, the shade demonstrates a healthy brightness that makes us look and feel more energetic.

Organic MULLED WINE & MORINGA Superfood Mocktail Tea

Blueberry hair paired with Superlife Infusion’s ‘Blueberry Maple Syrup & Moringa’

This year, our taste in hair colour echoes the vibrant shades of nature, so it should come as no surprise that bramble and dark bilberry (blueberry) tones keep on growing in popularity. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Kate Winslet and a number of influencers all sport stunning hues of blue, from soft pastels to bright turquoise to deep midnight tones.

Just as the flavour of blueberry is enhanced by the natural sweetness of maple syrup, a contrasting-complimentary hue (in the form of highlights) can intensify a shade of blueberry. Mullein is included in this Superlife Infusion’s mocktail because of its role in fighting off inflammatory conditions and combating the ‘the blues’ when suffering from ailments like flu and respiratory infections; similarly, the blueberry colour’s long-standing association with tranquillity should help people with blue hair to feel calm and matter-of-fact whilst recuperating from illness.

Blueberry …. it’s on everyone’s lips this winter.

Organic Mullein BLUEBERRY MAPLE SYRUP Superfood Mocktail Tea

Chocolate (strawberry) hair together with  Superlife Infusion’s ‘Chocolate Strawberry Sundae’

Like the aromatic burst of chocolate & strawberry in Superlife’s sumptuous tea infusion,  strawberry brunettes are stealing the spotlight this winter. As with naturally dark hair, a dyed brunette shouldn’t be just one colour, and this season’s chocolate shade incorporates tones that might not be immediately noticeable but are there nonetheless.

A rich, gooey, chocolatey shade infused with a strawberry tint oozes glamorous goth vibes and brings out the vividness of blue and green eyes. You can add this touch of red without the intensity of auburn or burgundy. Follow in the steps of model and TV personality Kendall Jenner and actress and singer Zendaya as you colour your hair with a fruity infusion that is reminiscent of Superlife Infusion’s mouth-watering Chocolate Strawberry Sundae. What are you waiting for?

Organic Moringa CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY SUNDAE Superfood Mocktail Tea


Don’t forget Moringa is itself good for your hair as it’s rich in vitamins A and B, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Drinking Moringa superfood tea and iced-tea infusions will help your hair receive nourishment from all of these nutrients, which in turn will help stimulate new hair growth.

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