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The Art of Dressing for Afternoon Tea

A tea party is a great excuse to bring together your friends and get dressed up in the afternoon! Your fabulous tea party will attract even more interest when you tell your guests that there will be Superlife Infusions Mocktail Teas as prizes for the most distinguished outfit. Whether you prefer a semi-formal event or […]

Moringa to Help with Histamine Sensitivity

Histamine enters the bloodstream naturally as a chemical released by white blood cells. It plays a role in numerous bodily processes including blood circulation, immune system responses, gastric acid production, and muscle regulation. While histamine is necessary for your body to function properly, too much can be harmful. Feeling itchy? You might be histamine intolerant […]

The Perfect New Year Hangover Tea Brew

Moringa has been shown to provide an excellent remedy for hangover symptoms. It alleviates headaches, supports healthy brain function, and helps soothe an unsettled stomach. Quite simply, Moringa perks you up by restoring the body’s supply of vital vitamins and nutrients, which will be badly depleted after ‘the night before’. ‘Tis the season for Moringa […]

The Origins of Moringa Oleifera

“Nebedaye” … “The one which never dies.” The beautiful original name, the moringa tree, is used in many African languages. Moringa was first discovered around 2,000 BCE in northern India, where it was referred to as ‘The Miracle Tree’ by traditional physicians. They quickly became aware of its therapeutic value, a result of the tree’s […]